Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Walkin After Midnight.

Apparently this little blog won't write itself so here I am again. One in the morning and I can't sleep. Crazy back pain has kept me awake for the past 3 nights. I get up and wander the house for a bit, check on Jack several times throughout the night. His legs almost always hanging off the side of the bed, batman sheets and covers twisted around his little feet, his nighttime snack of crackers strewn around his pillow, and Teddy (bear) abandoned to one side of the bed on the floor. I pull the covers back, pick him up, lay his head on the cold side of the pillow (he loves a cold pillow), gather the crackers and wipe away the crumbs, rescue Teddy and place him back in Jack's little arms, tuck him in tight and kiss him on the cheek. I whisper "I love you. Sweet dreams." Sometimes he even sleeptalks back and says "Wuv you, Momma."

Four o'clock on Sunday morning. Wake up to the sound of thunder and heavy rain. Wait- what is that other sound? It sounds like rain but much louder than the rain outside. Husband and I sit up in bed at the same time before racing down the hall and around the corner to the living room. Yes, it's raining- in our living room. Water is pouring from the ceiling and pouring down the back wall. I start thanking the heavens that I had moved a gigantic original painting (by my dad) to a different wall. Long story short - Sunday morning and the rest of the day pretty much sucked. We were in the middle of having our roof replaced when the storm came through but the roofing company has agreed to take care of all the damage so it will be fine. And really, it was (and is still) a big hassle but there are worse things that could happen so it's really not a big deal. 

My best friend left on Monday for Jonesboro, Arkansas. I will so very much miss her and her little family. Thank goodness it's just the next state over though! Can't wait to visit them and I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world. 

If there's anyone out there reading any of this, I'll try and be around here a little more. We'll see.
♥ jp

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  1. Jack's wuv you's are precious--so sorry you are hurting--roof ordeal sucked but glad they are fixing it--sorry your friend moved but i wish them the best with the new job!!! love from pammy!!